Current CharactersEdit


Race: Deva
Class: Invoker
Bio: An immortal of sharp thinking and sharper judgement. As a lad he may have interned with the Raven Queen.

Slamhammer McTwistyknickersEdit

Race: Dragonborn
Class: Fighter
Bio: Don't let his name fool you - he likes to put things in his cloaca and then tell you about it.

Galmoran Bel'alanEdit

Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric
Bio: Stocky but sensitive, he can cure most anything but a broken heart. Likes milk.

Evander RumbraveEdit

Class: Ranger
Bio: A stealthy marksman with social anxiety and questionable motivations. He has sworn allegiance to Hammond.

Hammond the GreatEdit

Race: Human
Class: Barbarian
Bio: Often drunk and always hairy, no shirt can contain his girth.

Geos CucullatiEdit

Race: Half Elf
Class: Sorcerer
Bio: Exceedingly smooth, suave and shameless. Also able to unleash devastating magic should the art of seduction prove insufficient.

Varroa CandiruEdit

Race: Tiefling
Class: Rogue
Bio: Sneaky and stabbity, she strikes from the shadows to silence seditious sinners.

Pendleton RimeEdit

Race: Gnome
Class: Bard
Bio: Hails from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow. A-ah-ahh-ah. A-ah-ahh-ah.

Past CharactersEdit


Race: Tiefling
Class: Wizard
Bio: The son of a wizard academy dean, he likes the spell Mage Hand a little too much.
Current Whereabouts: Filling barrels with his patented skin creme "Wizz Jizz."


Race: Warforged
Class: Warlord
Bio: Friend to Bolthemus, he was loaned to the crew after they left Bharad Kazarak with the Wizards Three.
Current Whereabouts: Last seen facedown in a ditch, legs kicking the air, muttering "Recalculating... recalculating..."


Race: Half-elf
Class: Warlock
Bio: With his cane, striped shirt, key, glasses, and fey hat, all the ladies wanted to know "Where's Grimmy?"
Current Whereabouts: Reportedly has returned to the employ of the great wizard Bolthemus.


Race: Wilden
Class: Battlemind
Bio: A tree-man that will punch you in the face just because he likes you.
Current Whereabouts: Presumably punching suckas under the colors of King Magnai III.


Race: Minotaur
Class: Barbarian
Bio: Once dipped his scrotum in a pool of death water, just to see what would happen.
Current Whereabouts: Understudy mascot for 3rd largest beef skewer restaurant in Rhye.


Race: Goliath
Class: Runepriest
Bio: Liked spelling and jumping. A lot.
Current Whereabouts: Finalizing his latest invention: a "Jump... to Conclusions" mat.


Race: Razorclaw Shifter
Class: Rogue
Bio: A sneaky, sexy lady cat with a knack for the underhanded.
Current Whereabouts: On a boat.


Race: Razorclaw Shifter
Class: Druid
Bio: Sister to Tanga, she rode a horse and had a butler.
Current Whereabouts: Bored with the status quo, she now has a horse and rides the butler.

Deceased CharactersEdit

Hans O'FuryghEdit

Race: Human
Class: Monk
Bio: Born in a circus, but raised by dwarven monks, he'll poke your eye out.
Cause of Death: Too cool for school. Or strategy. At least he didn't rise from the dead as a corruption corpse.