The larger of the two assassin's guilds in Rhye. A total bunch of dicks.


The guild is divided into an unknown number of cells, or "Nests." Each Nest consists of 21 assassins. Only the leader of each Nest is in contact with other Nests. This way, the removal of a nest does not threaten the organization as a whole.


Each assassin has upon their right hand an intricate spiderweb tattoo. The tattoo serves a number of purposes. First, it identifies the assassin as a member of the guild. More importantly, it acts as a physical reminder of the guild contract the assassin entered into upon joining the guild, as well as a means for reprisal should that contract be broken. High-level members are able to detect the location and condition of other members through their tattoos.


The guild recruits young orphans off the street. After years of mistreatment, they are taught to pick pockets, etc. At 15 years of age, they make their first kill, after which they get their tattoo and become full-fledged guild members.


Assassination takes hard work and discipline, much like playing a musical instrument. Each Nest has therefore chosen a particular musical instrument to represent itself. Members are expected to carry their instrument with them at all times, and to develop and maintain a particular level of skill at playing it.

This policy serves multiple purposes. First, it helps develop focus. Second, it allows the assassin to take cover at any time as one of Rhye's many street-corner buskers. Finally, it serves as an alternative outlet for the stresses associated with being an assassin, thus keeping members out of the bars, whorehouses, and so on. Many high-level guild members attribute the longevity of their guild to this unique policy.