Letter to SinruthEdit

A letter found upon defeat of Sinruth, it reads:


We have observed your talent for leadership with great interest. Already we hear the name of The Red Hand whispered by travelers.

Enslaving the mighty Szartharax will surely unite the remaining tribes. And when that is done, we have many remnants in need of a strong leader, once the portal is opened.

To the task at hand: Do not fail use. We have sent the human and our emmissary to ensure the success of the ritual, but the onus of security is on you.

<Mark of Degon>

Mark of DegonEdit

A symbol found at the end of various correspondence from the Cult of Degon.

Jade ChaliceEdit

A chalice made of jade recovered from Talon Pass. It once was given by the Dwarven kingdom of Bharad Kazarak to the city-state of Brindol as a symbol of friendship, but later was obtained by the Ravencloak family residing in Talon Pass. Currently in the possession of King Magnai III

Gidreau's ListEdit

A list found upon Gidreau's person. It reads:

  • The Lodestone
  • The Focus - Ancient Stones Portal; Lair of "A"?; City of Fireflies?; Hall of Shadows?
  • The Engine - Great Forge
  • The Fulcrum
  • The Pendulum
  • The Loci - chalice, book, key, ?

To assemble a Machine capable of fenestrating planar separations, that may penetrate to the Deep One's prison, that may also beckon Him hence in accordance with the Whispering received by the Priestess, that He may exact His Ancient Plot.

Note from the HarbingerEdit

A note delivered to Gidreau by The Harbinger before the assault upon Bharad Kazarak, it reads:


Your silence on the matter of the BOundary Stone concerns us. You know well that an all-out war with the Dwarven Kingdom would prove disastrous, and our Delver allies are unwilling to commit their forces to what they consider "frivolous causes" without assurance that the Boundary will fall.

We are sending the Harbinger with reinforcements. He will take command of our forces, and you will submit to his authority. Should the operation fail, he will preserve our resources to the fullest of his abilities -- and the responsibility will be yours. You already tempt our wrath, do not fail us.

<Mark of Degon>


Vellum ScrolletteEdit


Vellum Scrollette

Found on the dead body of one of the assassins of the Brotherhood of the Spider.